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Some of My Favorite Inexpensive Fairy Garden Kits!

Hello again my fellow Fairy Garden enthusiasts!

Today I am here to share with you some of the best inexpensive fairy garden kits out there today! If any of you are struggling with piecing together a miniature fairy garden set all on your own or are just looking for some fresh ideas, here are a few that I know you will NOT be disappointed with!!

The First Time….

When I began trying to put together my own miniature fairy garden set the first time, it was a little overwhelming, to say the least! It can be difficult for someone who hasn’t done this before to start from scratch. There are so many decisions like: Do you choose a fairy house, or just an enchanted door? Do you choose a swing as an accessory, or a slide? Do you go with miniature flower boxes, or little tiny mushrooms? Would gnomes be the way to go, or should fairies be part of it? How many of either one should I use? Should I just use both? Is a beach setting what I want to do, or would it better to go with a forest theme?


A pre-made set of all the things you would need to create your very own little magical fairy environment is less complicated, less overwhelming, and not to mention much easier on your budget as well. It can get pretty expensive when purchasing each piece individually to create even the most basic Fairy Garden scene. If that is how you would rather go about it though (piecing it together yourself), here are a few things you might want to keep in mind:

  • Decide on a theme or have a specific style already in mind before you start browsing the available selection. It helps to know what you are looking for before you actually start looking.
  • STAY FOCUSED ON IT!! If you are anything like me, then browsing through the Fairy miniatures is like being a kid in a candy store!! You end up wanting to take home practically every one you see!
  • Remember that your available space, whether it be in a container or part of your actual garden area, is only so big and can only fit so much without becoming over crowded.
  • You should also keep in mind that all these different figurines and accessories don’t all come the same size. Your pieces should all fit within the same scale so that everything blends well together and looks as natural as it can. It would be a shame to throw everything off with something that looks awkward among all the rest.

The Top Contenders…

That is why I wanted to share with you some of the most adorable fairy garden sets/kits I have come across so far! All the ones that are included in the following list (and review) are hand painted and can be used both indoors or outdoors. The following list is not in any particular order, they are all on the top of MY list!!

( I also would like to inform you that some of the links below are affiliate links, and should you click on these links and make a purchase, I may receive a percentage payment from the seller at absolutely no additional cost to you. However, the items I have chosen to include are all personal favorites of mine, and not just random choices made with the intention of just making an extra buck.)



“Ancient Tree Kit” by: Joykick


Ancient Tree Kit by Joykick


This is one of the most awesome kits I think I have come across so far! It’s amazing! It sits a little higher on the ‘cost’ scale than some of the others, but it is well worth it!

This four piece set includes the following:

  • The “Ancient Tree” (size = 7.6″ x 8.1″ x 6.5″) The tree itself is the main attraction for this set (obviously), and is just amazing! The attention to detail within the facial expression specifically, really brings this piece to life like nothing I have come across thus far since my addiction to miniatures sprang into action. A key feature of this tree is that there is a space between the top of the trunk and the canopy of leaves, giving room to implement some figurines right into the actual tree!! It’s awesome! I am apparently not the only one who has been impressed with it, either.
  • Fairy “Breena” (size = 2″ tall) This cute young lady is laying down on her belly with her feet kicked up behind her and resting her chin on one of her hands. She is wearing a pretty pink dress and also has great facial expression detail as well. Plus, she just so happens to fit perfectly into that open space of the tree if you so choose to place her there. (thought you might be interested in knowing that!)
  • Fairy “Violin Daisy” (size = 2.5″ tall) She is posed in a sitting position with her violin propped into place for playing her enchanted melodies! She is wearing a pretty blue dress and her magic just takes you away into that little piece of the Fairy Realm right along with her. She can be placed either sitting on the bottom part of the tree, or anywhere else you want her to be!
  • A Squirrel (size = 1″ tall) This little furry friend is just as cute as you would expect it to be. There really ins’t anything specifically spectacular or extravagant about the little guy, he is just a standard miniature squirrel, to be honest. But if he wasn’t included as part of this little scene, it would definitely seem as if something was missing! He helps to tie the whole thing together, for sure.

Here are some of the comments left by others who have purchased this item from Amazon:

  • “… I was utterly amazed when I opened this package and was spellbound by the creativity used to produce this product.”
  • “All in all, this product is one of a kind. I would not give them 5 stars… I would offer 10 stars, if I could!”
  • “More durable than I expected.”
  • “I love him! Garden is still not complete but he makes my heart sing!”
  • “Phenomenal quality; beautiful detail. Highly recommend.”

cost on Amazon: $40.90


“Fairy Garden Fish Pond Kit” by: Joykick

Fish Pond Kit by Joykick


This one is super cute!! It will whisk you away straight into a magical fairy oasis saturated with relaxation and being refreshed.

The pieces are made from a durable poly resin and then coated with a waterproof (not water resistant) clear protected sealer to help ensure they will last a very long time both indoors and out.

This four piece set includes the following:

  • Mystical Fish Pond (size = 7.6″ x 4.7″ x 2″) You can’t help but feel as though you have set foot into an enchanted relaxation oasis when you set eyes on this beautiful pond! With it’s slight touch of scattered greenery among the stones that line this little cozy fishpond, it just screams at you to come sit for a little rest and relaxation with the Fairy Folk.
  • Fairytale Log Bridge (size = 7″ x 2″ x 2.5“) A whimsical arched bridge that leads a safe path for crossing over the beautiful pond is an exceptional addition to this perfect Fairy Garden kit! It is made out of ‘logs’ and has rope to tie off the railings across the span of it. There are some flowers and some lush tufts of greenery decorating it on both ends, and a few scattered spots on the log railing posts too. It is really adorable.
  • Water Fairy “Willow” (size = 2.5″ tall) Willow has on a pretty summer style blue and pink dress and is sitting on her knees with her legs tucked underneath her, perched on top of a bright green leaf. She has long brown hair styled in braids that cascade down her back and past her peach colored wings, with some little pink flowers by her bangs. A dragonfly has stopped by and landed on one of her outstretched palms, adding more serenity to this beautiful scene.
  • Fairy “Lily” (size 3″ tall) Lily is adorable as she is sitting along the stones that border the pond, with her legs dangling into the pond. She is wearing an angelic light green dress, has pink wings, and brown hair. Upon her lap sits a cute little bunny rabbit that she is holding onto in the sweetest hug!

Here are some of the comments left by others who have purchased this item through Amazon:

  • “This has to be the most adorable thing in my garden….even the rocks, fish, and plants in the pond are in 3-D, not just painted on.”
  • “The Pond and bridge are beautiful. The fish in the pond add a special touch. This set is far more detailed than I expected.”
  • “The attention to detail is astounding.”

cost on Amazon: $30.90


“Miniature Gardening Gnomes” by: Moodlab

Gardening Gnomes Kit by Moodlab

Some people seem to struggle with using gnomes in a “fairy garden”. In my opinion, gnomes are perfect for such a thing and fit right on in! But I think for anyone who may be on the fence about the matter, this would be the set that could make them come over to the side of gnome acceptance for sure!!

It’s hard to NOT think these guys are just the most adorable thing ever!! Adding them to any fairy garden setting is sure to bring a smile to anyone who sees them! They are all hand painted and made from high-grade poly resin. They are coated with an uv-resistant coating, so they can be used indoors and outdoors.

This 4 piece set includes the following:

  • Watering Gnome (size = 3.7″ tall) This one has a white beard and is wearing a purple pointy gnome hat that is standing straight up, a leaf green sweater, dark red pants, and brown shoes. In his hands, he is holding a typical garden watering can which is full of water and is positioned at the ready for watering. Super cute!
  • Wheelbarrow Gnome (size = 3.35″ tall) This guy also has a white beard, but is wearing a medium dark orange pointy gnome hat that bends and folds towards the back and has a pretty little butterfly hanging out on the front, a lighter orange sweater, olive green colored overalls, and brown shoes. He has an old wooden wheelbarrow that he is dragging behind him. He is just as super cute as his watering buddy!
  • Basket Planter Gnome (size = 3.15″ tall) This little dude has a white beard as well and is sporting a turquoise pointy gnome hat that bends and folds off to the side, a red over coat with a black belt (which actually just makes me think of Santa Claus when I look at it!), leaf green pants, and brown shoes. One of his hands is outstretched and holding a little yellow and brown bird. Next to him sits a tin watering can and a woven ‘wicker’ planter basket. He, too, is super cute just like the other 2!!
  • Flower Bird Bath with Bird (size = 1.97″ tall, bird size = .4″ tall) This little accessory is one of the best bird bath styles I have seen yet! The base and the bath are both pink flowers and the pedestal is a flower stem. There is a small bright green vine that wraps around the ‘stem’ that has some pretty bright colored flowers that decorate it from top to bottom. There is also a little red bird that sits atop the bath. Definitely a perfect addition to compliment our little hard-working garden gnomes!

Here are some of the comments left by others who have purchased this item on Amazon:

  • “The detail on these little guys is amazing.”
  • “Beautiful figurines that look the way I would think garden gnomes should look.”
  • “I was surprised by its quality. THE BEST!! Strongly recommend.”
  • “I am so pleased with my purchase.”

cost on Amazon: $19.90


“Wild Pixie Kit” by Wild Pixie

Wild Pixie Kit by Wild Pixie


I don’t think there are even words that could accurately describe just how amazing this one is!! I will be honest with you, it’s more on the pricey side than on the inexpensive side — but only if you look at the numbers. If you take into account everything you get with this kit and what it would cost to get everything individually, you really are saving a good chunk of change with it.

Not to mention, it includes everything and then some! It is probably the most complete kit that is out there right now. It is all packaged together very well to help avoid any shipping problems, in a unique designer box that’s worth holding onto for storing it away later if needed.

Also, comes with a handy little booklet packed full of all sorts of informative stuff! For one thing, it gives a bit of the back story behind Wild Pixie. There’s are some great tips on how to care for your little garden, as well as instructions you can use for the actual layout of it all if you are struggling with that creative aspect. I don’t think I have seen anything else out there so far that can compare to this little gem!! It’s simply amazing!

This 13 piece set includes the following:

  • A Fairy (size = 2.4″ tall) This cute little girl is sitting with her legs tucked under her, so she is wearing a green and white sunflower blossom as a sundress! She has a halo of flowers on her head, holding back her light brown hair. Her wings start from orange, going to light orange and then tipped with green.
  • A Bridge (size = 2.5″ tall) This cute little accessory is an arched wooden bridge with thin railing which looks like pieces of wood twisted together. It is a unique and somewhat elegant look. Each of the 4 end posts are decorated with climbing green vines and cute white flowers.
  • A Long Bench Seat (size = 2.2″ tall) This is a wooden seat that can fit multiple Fairies comfortably, so no need to worry about not having enough places for company to sit when you throw a party! On both ends of the seat is a bright green leaf with a white flower, matching the chair and the climbing vines and flowers on the bridge end posts. In between the 2 leaves sits a decorative pillow with ‘Believe’ stitched on it.
  • A Chair (size = 2.1″ tall) The wooden chair is obviously smaller than the bench seat, and could only fit one Fairy comfortably. It follows along with the same type of decor as the bench seat, having a bright green leaf and white flower providing a backing to the seat. It is basically just an individual sized replica of the longer bench seat.
  • 3 Toadstools (size without stakes = 1.2″, 1.6″, 2″ tall. Size with stakes = 3.4″, 3.9″, 4.8″ tall) As a little bonus, these accessories come with stakes attached to them to assist with stability when placing them!!
  • 4 Stepping Stones (size = 0.2″ tall) These just look like simple wood rounds. Nothing exactly fancy about them or anything, other than they definitely help to complete this wonderful set!
  • A Bag of Glow-In-The-Dark Stones & Mixed Glass The bag of stones and mixed glass pieces are all blue-ish in color. If you place them in an area where they will receive some direct sunlight, they will glow-in-the-dark! An absolute amazing addition to this fantastic set!
  • A Solar Glow-In-The-Dark Fairy House (size = 7.1″ x 4.5″ x 5″) The solar panel has an on/off switch The house can also be glow-in-the-dark, as long as it receives some direct sun. The front door actually closes and opens, too! Such an amazing addition to any magical garden!

Here are some of the comments left by others who have purchased this item from Amazon:

  • “I just love Wild Pixie. Very colorful and well-made.”
  • “Well worth the money, great quality.”
  • “Wow. This is a beautiful well-made set.”
  • “The quality was way better than I expected for the price – I would recommend this to everyone that wants to start a Fairy Garden.”
  • “Thank you Wild Pixie for a great Fairy House that was very well thought out and worth every penny.”

cost on amazon: $54.97


A Few Last Words….

Some (if not all) of the above listed items have already been coated with some sort of protective coating during their production. However, I suggest getting a clear interior/exterior coating that offers UV protection and giving the pieces a coat yourself before putting them into your garden. This is NOT to in any way give an impression of what ever product the companies who make these figurines is anything less than adequate!! Let me repeat that again…. I REPEAT THAT I DO NOT MAKE SUCH A SUGGESTION TO INSINUATE THAT THE COATING USED BY THE COMPANIES THAT MAKE THESE PIECES IS NOT ADEQUATE!! The reason behind that suggestion is simply a personal preference for helping to prolong the life and usability of the items by increasing their protection.

Thank you for coming by to visit, it’s been great to have you here! Come back to see us again soon!

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7 comments on “Some of My Favorite Inexpensive Fairy Garden Kits!


These are good for children at heart and to our children in fact. It titillates our imagination and bring us to an enchanting imagination and a magical mood of fairies in wonderland. The selections of your Miniature Fairy Garden Characters and Objects brought back my childhood days when Snowhite and the seven dwarves were the subjects of our so much playtime activities. We bought a miniature elf house, the seven dwarves and Snowhite herself. in this case, it broadens the imaginative world when I saw the items mystical fish pond, miniature gardening gnomes, ancient tree, and Wild Pixie. My suggestion though is you should have put some illustrations or pictures of the miniature garden realm items. Or I guess it was done so as our imagination would be the one to picture the items. Well, in the end, it aroused the child in me all the same. Thanks.

Cathy Cavarzan

Fairy gardens have certainly grown up ! .When I started mine there were no kits to buy and most of the pieces you had to paint yourself. Though it was fun it was also a lot of hard work and took a lot of time. I have since bought the Fish Pond kit myself and I must say it has made a wonderful addition to my ever growing fairy garden. 

Katie Steele

Thank you for stopping by Cathy! It’s very true that the world of Fairy Gardens have come a very long way over the years!! If you started yours back when we still had to paint everything ourselves, I can only imagine how much your garden has expanded over that time!! Would love for you to share it sometime with us!!


What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for information about the fairy garden kits and when I landed on your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested in this topic.
I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to reading your new posts.)



There’s so many great ideas of how to create your own fairy garden. I have an affinity with the fairy log bridge, for some reason this is my favorite item in a fairy garden. Maybe it’s because it crosses over flowing water and can metaphorically be something to overcome personally. Anyways, I can see my little girls enjoying putting theirs together. My youngest played with her little fairy garden today actually without being prompted. Such a fun creation.


Awesome review! I really like that you showed the price of each one ahead of time. can’t wait to start my own collection of these!


How adorable! I love the fairy garden items. I was collecting items like this from Avon years ago…items for a doll house. Now I realize that I can use some of them for a fairy garden!
I adore the wild pixie kit as it goes with items that I already have. Thank you for helping me get started. I plan to hide a couple of fairy gardens in places around my own garden.


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