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Making Homemade Fairy Garden Accessories!

After you have decided that you want to make a Fairy Garden, the next indicated step is to start researching what sort of accessories are available. But when you start doing your research you discover that they don’t necessarily come cheap, or they will at least start to add up really quick!! However, making homemade fairy garden accessories can save you a ton and the end result can be just as good if not better!! The following are a few ideas on some things you can make yourself, thus going easier on your wallet and being much more budget friendly!!

Broken Clay Pots

Creating your enchanted fairy garden within a terracotta flower pot that has been broken is an amazing idea! Plus, it’s one that really allows for your creative energy to be brought forth and can also be a real challenge at the same time. But their end results aren’t anything short of amazing, to say the least.

FOR STARTERS: Many of you may already have a broken pot and it’s pieces lying around somewhere in your yard or garden (don’t feel bad, you are not alone!!). But if you are starting with an unblemished pot in front of you and not sure how to proceed, there are a few ways to go about accomplishing this task.

  • The first one is by just jumping in with both feet and letting the demolition results be whatever they are destined to be. If this is the method you choose, here are some helpful tips to get you going in that direction.

STEP ONE: Lay the pot on its side and cover with a towel or rag (or something similar). This is for helping to contain the debris when you break it, as well as help to avoid injury.

STEP TWO: Take a hammer and just hit the pot. Yes, it is that simple! Just keep in mind that the harder you hit, the more will break. So, you don’t want to hit too hard because otherwise you will likely break more than you were intending to. Better to have to hit it more than once than to break too much the first time.

STEP THREE: Gather up all the pieces that were broken off and set them all aside, for now.

STEP FOUR: Take the main part of the pot that remains and inspect it for any cracks it might have now. If there are any, no need to worry! Just take some good duct tape (or you could even use hot glue if you do it properly) and run it along the length of the cracks, adding just a little more past each end. Of course, this is done from the inside of the pot. Doing this will reinforce the weak spots, helping to stabilize what is left.

STEP FIVE: Now, fill your pot with soil as best you can at this point. Be sure to pack it in firmly.

STEP SIX: From here, you just sort of position the pieces as you so desire. Just be sure to keep packing the soil firmly around any pieces you use. The bigger pieces you can use as a sort of retaining wall, giving the appearance of a two story dwelling. The smaller pieces can be used to make a staircase leading from the upper level down to the lower level. You can even take the smaller pieces and crush them up even smaller to use as a ground cover or as landscape rock. Those smaller pieces would also come in handy to make a pathway that leads up the door as well.

The second method of breaking your pot is with a ‘controlled’ break. With this method you actually plan out where the break will occur. Here’s how…

STEP ONE: You will need to submerge the pot in water and leave it to soak for around 12 – 16 hours, or at the bare minimum at least overnight.

STEP TWO: Remove the pot from the water. Now you will need either a crafting type drill (something along the lines of a Dremel tool) or some sort of thin file and use it to etch lines in the shape and place you want for the pot to be broken. You don’t want to go so deep that you completely cut through it yourself, but you will definitely want to make the lines prominent. This will weaken that specific area, forcing the break to occur closely to what you have designated.

From here, continue from step two with the remainder of the above steps.

NOW ON TO THE GARDEN PORTION OF THE PROJECT: There are a wide variety of different plants and plant types that would work well within a miniature garden. My next post will be all about that, so don’t miss it!

STEP ONE: Arrange your chosen plants however you see fit for your little enchanted space and place your figurines in any manner you wish!

STEP TWO: If you want to cover up the remaining exposed soil, you can use either fake or real moss, pebbles, stones, sand, or anything else of that sort of nature. This will give your project that extra to make it look and feel a little more ‘woodland-y’.

STEP THREE: All that’s left is to care for your plants as you would any other plants and enjoy watching it come to life!


A very quick way to make your own magical fairy door if you want to incorporate something into your project as being a fairy dwelling such as a tree, flower pot, or just about anything else that you can come up with to use, is as easy as following just a few simple steps:

STEP ONE: Find yourself a piece of small wood, either by going out and buying it or by rooting through a pile of scrap lumber. The actual size will be up to you, but since this IS a miniature fairy garden it makes sense for it to be a little on the smaller side. A piece approximately the size of 3″ wide and 5″ tall could be a good place to start. But you can go with whatever fits the needs of your project.

STEP TWO: Using sandpaper, smooth out any roughness of the side that will be visible, as well as around the edges. Now you pick a color of your choosing and paint it on the side that will be facing forward and around the top and sides too if you would like. Once the paint has dried, take a push-pin and put in the place of where a door knob should be.

STEP THREE: Using some sort of fairly heavy-duty adhesive, such as gorilla glue or even hot glue could work, attach the backside of the door to the surface you intend to make into your fairy house. Allow plenty of time for glue to dry. It would be helpful to find something that you can lean up against the door to held it firmly in place while to glue dries enough that the door won’t go anywhere.

STEP FOUR: Take some small stones and glue them around the door onto the same surface the door is attached to, making a decorative entry-way. You can also use similar or same type of stones for making a walkway path leading up to the door as well if you would like, to add a nice little extra special touch to giving it all a more ‘home like’ feel.



Using small wood rounds and gluing them together, slightly overlapping each piece, you can create a wooden stair case. This can be made to be a one-directional staircase (just going up and down in a straight line), or you can make it curve around something. You can even make it into a spiral staircase if you would like to!


STEP ONE: Start by gathering 2 small twigs that are roughly the same size and fairly straight. You will also need a handful of shorter twigs that are similar in looks about a half inch in length to use for the rungs. The number of rungs needed will vary depending on how long you will be making the ladder.

STEP TWO: Glue the rungs to the stabilizer twigs, making them be as level as you can get them. Spacing them apart will be entirely up to you and what fits your project. Once that is done, take some jute twine or any kind of rope type string, and wrap it around each place a rung connects to the stabilizers and glue them in place as well.

If you want to make a rope ladder instead, all you do is wrap some rope type string around the end of a rung twig, gluing it in place and making sure the string can move on to wrapping the next rung piece easily. Repeat until your ladder has reached the desired length!




These are only a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. There are many, many more things to you can create yourself that are not only pretty simple to do, but will save you from having to spend so much $ on store bought accessories. And most of the time the homemade fairy garden accessories end up looking so much more amazing than anything you can buy already made! Well, at least in MY opinion anyways!! Be sure to visit again if you want some more ideas of stuff you can make yourself. I will be posting another list of magical fairy garden accessories again in the near future. Have an ENCHANTED & MAGICAL day! Thank you for coming to see me!

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Jannatul Ferdaus

It is a very helpful post about making homemade fairy garden accessories.  Creating your enchanted fairy garden within a terracotta flower pot that has been broken is an amazing idea .There are many, many more things to you can create yourself that are not only pretty simple to do, but will save you from having to spend so much $ on store bought.This is an idea about making of homemade fairy doorway, homemade fairy stairs , homemade fairy ladder & rope ladder .These are only a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.Thanks for the post.

Katie Steele

Your welcome! And yes, store bought can get expensive…not to mention only puts limitations to your unique style. Glad this was helpful!


This article is exceptionally rich in information, this is an exhaustive and practical article indeed! I must commend you for taking your time to gather all these experience and tips on Making Homemade Fairy Garden Accessories. I must confess, this are the skills have by many but they find it difficult to find time to practice and make use of it especially adults in which am also guilty of. I really commend this, as you have already simplified to process for better understanding and I promise to engage myself in one of it this weekend.

Katie Steele

Excellent! There is nothing worse than trying to find the time to do some creative things (especially when that time is so very limited, like it is for THIS adult!) and then trying to follow complicated instructions on top of it! Work smarter, not harder! Glad you found these instructions to be simplified! Enjoy crafting!

Ibrahim Abdulrahman

Long before now I have always wanted to turn some debris in the house into something else, I have done a lot of research but all to no avail. Glad to come across this content , the steps are explanatory and easy.  Creating enchanted Fairy tale  at home has been made easier than what you have highlighted   The Garden part steps are easy to achieve as well  The do it yourself stairs and ladder design are easy as well. I will be following up for  more great ideas  Thanks

Katie Steele

Great to hear! Thank you! Enjoy crafting!

afolabi anumicheal

Thanks for writing this article on Making Homemade Fairy Garden Accessories.i must commend  for posting this creative ideas. I really find this article educative and informative and from what I have learn in this article am sure am going to try some of this creative idea at home this weekend especially the Broken Clay Pots

Katie Steele

Thank you for your kind words! I know you will enjoy making your clay pot garden and i hope you will share a photo of the finished enchanted creation with us sometime!


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