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For The LOVE of Fairies!

It’s not easy to ignore just how adorable miniature fairy gardens can be! I have fallen in love with the concept, just like many of you have as well! With a little creativity and your choice of miniature fairy garden accessories, the possibilities are endless for constructing your little piece of the Fairy Realm in your own backyard!

Miniature Figurines/ Statues

There are a wide variety of miniature fairy garden accessories available that will fit into any theme you decide to use. There are regular fairies, fairies accompanied by different animals, mermaids, gnomes, male fairies, child fairies, dancing fairies,farming fairies, fairies in beach attire, and just about any other type you could want to fit any theme possible!

You will also be glad to know that there is also faries themed for all the different holidays and the different seasons too! There are winter themed fairies, Christmas themed fairies, Halloween themed fairies, etc. The sky is the limit for creating your mythical wonderland….how ever you choose to unlock the magic!

Miniature Fairy Houses

The cute little fairy homes come all different shapes and sizes to fit every theme imaginable! Building your project around a tree that is already part of your landscape? No problem! There are also just single little fairy home doors you can put on the base of the tree or any other kind of “woodsy” plant or surface to turn it into the actual home! How cool is that?! And let’s not forget about all the home furnishings that are available as well. Dressers, wardrobes, tables, sewing tables, dining tables and chairs, etc.

Your project space not exactly able to fit an actual fairy house of some kind? Not a problem! You can just add a fairy door to the base of a tree if you have one to build your enchanted garden around, giving it the appearance of being a place a fairy resides. Or you could attach it to the outside of a Terra-Cotta pot. You could pretty much put a door on just about anything and turn it into a diy fairy house!

Miniature Landscape Accessories

Everything you could think of is available for designing a landscape to give your project that special themed look. There is landscaping pebbles, wood chips, beach sand, various colored sands, river pebbles, bridges, swing sets, clothes lines with little fairy clothes hanging on it, little trees, little bushes, stone walkways, various different signs, umbrellas, little mini foods, and list goes on and on! So many special little touches to help bring the magic to life!

There are plenty of seasonal and holiday themed accessories to use too. You can make a mystical Winter Haven, an enchanted Christmas, a summer beach party, an Easter brunch, maps of Fourth of July barbecue, or anything else that strikes your fancy! There’s just so many possibilities it’s ridiculous. So come up with something personalized and that expresses your personality or your mood or just make it yours!

Miniature Animals

To help add a cozy touch, there are also a variety of different animals to add to your project as well. Little deer if wildlife could be included into your theme, some little butterflies, little frogs if you have a stream or a pond, a variety of different wilderness animals, farm animals, insects, desert animals, fish, unicorns, dragons, horses, and the list goes on and on. There are even little dogs and cats, dog houses, pet food bowls, golf fish, and birds too.

There is definitely no shortage of available options for any and all themes you may choose! And some of them are just absolutely the cutest thing! So, don’t hesitate to add the animal touch to your amazing project.

Miniature Plants

. For those of you with a green thumb, there are also plenty of different plants that can be used to create a real live and growing garden for your magical places! The character it provides for this sort of project is just unbelievable and makes the ‘atmosphere’ of your magical place so much more unique and, well, absolutely adorable!

The types of plants that can be included in your miniature fairy tale world’s include such things as ground cover mosses, trees, shrubs, perennials, vines, succulents, ferns, and much more! These plants must be cared for the same as their much larger relatives do. They need to be routinely watered and pruned and given lots of sun. If ignored, they will die just like any other plant.

And if your project is one that is indoors, another plant you could include is the air plant which doesn’t require soil to grow and requires very little water (although fairly often). Just be sure if you use air plants, keep them rather close to a window so it receives enough light.

The possibilities are absolutely endless! So why not get started on your fairy garden unleash the magic of the Fairy Realm in your own backyard!

P.S.  If you are interested in finding out more about what plants are good for making a living fairy garden, don’t miss my post coming up! It will include some great ideas on plants that are available to use and how to care for them as well! Coming very soon!

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